ith so many activities taking place at PACK EXPO Connects, you’ll need to optimize how you’re spending your time each day. Here are a few tips to help you plan ahead and make the most of your experience.

Must-Knows Before You Go

Have a Plan‍

The MyConnects Planner is your key means of tracking your interests prior, during and after PACK EXPO Connects. You’ll want to register in advance so you can access the tool, which allows you to search and add live demos and products of interest to your itinerary and set reminders on your Outlook calendar.

Prior to the event, you’ll be able to explore exhibitors’ virtual Showrooms to preview content and use the MyConnects Planner to create your plan for each day.Typical Showrooms feature product photos and information, videos, special promotions for event attendees, a list of vertical industries that are served by the exhibitor and much more. Once the event opens, you’ll be able to view and interact with live demos and participate in real-time conversations with exhibitors.

In addition, the MyConnects Planner is a useful tool for gathering supplementary content of interest for later review, such as special discounts or white papers of interest or exhibitor contact info. (No more struggling to remember what you saw or which people you wanted to contact!) Basically, any content featuring a red “plus” sign can be added for calendar-building and recordkeeping.

Strategize Your Attendance at Live Demos‍

More than 2,000 live demos will be taking place during PACK EXPO Connects. These 15-minute sessions include real-time group Q&A via chat. To search by topic area and reserve your spot at can’t-miss demos, see “live demo” at pe.show/main.

Prepare Questions for Exhibitors in Advance‍

Ever reach out to a supplier and get no response or perhaps those responding are inexperienced? At PACK EXPO Connects, you have a unique opportunity to access experts directly and get answers in real time. Have your question topics ready—time to market, maintenance needs, experience with similar manufacturers—you name it. Suppliers are standing by and eager to provide you with product education. Get fast and direct answers like never before!

Here’s how it works: When entering a Showroom, you’ll be able to view “Virtual Business Cards” that show which representatives are available. Discuss products using one-on-one chat and, when desired, request a group meeting with the supplier by phone or video at a time that is most convenient for all parties, whether during or after the event.

Keep Up with Current Trends‍

Also helpful for getting the most out of the event is taking advantage of exclusive educational content on most-recent packaging trends, from changes in e-commerce to COVID-19 response. Click on “sessions” at pe.show/main to view the full educational line-up and stay up to date with strategies that top-performing peers are pursuing!

Relax, and Know Help Is on Hand

‍Attending a virtual event is a new experience for many people. The good news is that PACKEXPO Connects makes it easy to find just what you are looking for—search exhibitors by product category, vertical or name. And if you ever feel lost or have a question, help is on hand. Pre-event, direct any questions to attendee@packexpoconnects.com. And once the event begins, live chat operators will be standing by no matter which page of the event you visit to help point you in the right direction.




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